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Managed Security Services

– Secure your businesswith Advance Security Solutions.

Maintaining a robust security posture is essential for the modern day enterprise. Multinet MSS provides real-time protection and helps organization consolidate their security capabilities to effectively counter emerging threats.

How do I get to

tomorrow’s workplace?

The Multinet’s Roadmap:

  • How can I make my IT infrastructure more agile as my business needs today?
  • How can I assure user satisfaction and increase productivity while lowering TOC for IT infrastructure?
  • How can I assure precise IT infrastructure forecast, feasibility, planning and deployment while focusing more on strategic initiatives to enhance organizational productivity?

Our Managed Security Services portfolio includes:

Managed Firewall

Prevent access to malicious, objectionable, and anti-productive internet content…. Without even lifting a finger.

Endpoint Security Management

Multinet’s managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions empower organizations by cost effectively finding and isolating compromised endpoints before any real damage is inflicted.
Our EDR solution combines 24/7 monitoring, machine learning enabled network analytics, and leading endpoint detection and response technology.

SIEM Thread Intelligence Platform

Multinet’s Security Information & Event Management. Our SIEM solution captures and analyzes activity logs from firewalls, host Intrusion Detection/Prevention agents, Operating System events, and other syslog-producing devices. What makes SIEM different is our ability to provide your company with real-time, sophisticated rules-based analysis, correlation, alerting, monitoring, and reporting.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Multinet Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) uses an intelligent packet inspection and capture system to select suspicious packets for further behavior analysis. We provide your business with a highly effective layer of cybersecurity by employing deep-packet network traffic inspection correlated with common vulnerability exploit (CVE) signatures.
We offer real-time custom signature development for tailored Data Leakage Protection (DLP) that can be automatically updated to keep your system fully-optimized.

Network Behavioral Analysis

Multinet’s Unified Security solution is based on adaptive Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) technology. Our behavioral analytics use raw network packet information to detect suspicious activity before it becomes a threat to your business.

Vulnerability Management

Multinet’s integrated and automated scanning and vulnerability management technologies research the ever-increasing list of known vulnerabilities that can harm your systems. Our custom scan schedules enable immediate or regularly scheduled security scans.

Penetration Testing

Multinet’s penetration testing experts partner with you to simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers to discover your critical vulnerabilities and remediate them before they’re exploited.

Virtual CISO

Multinet Enterprise Security’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service provides companies of all sizes and industries with executive-level guidance and leadership

Information Security Training

Training is an integral ingredient for embracing an educated culture of security and protecting key assets. Giving staff continuous access to security awareness and product training is key to technology adoption, and to achieving and maintaining a secure and compliant workplace.

our services

Multinet Business solutions have a smart and robust portfolio of IT security services which strengthen your IT backbone, so you run your business processes seamlessly

Why Multinet?
  • Multinet’s pervasive domestic presence enables us to deliver IT infrastructure services across the country and better adhere to your complaints in urban and remote sites, regardless of locational constraints
  • Our operational delivery processes are ITIL compliant
  • Our partnership with leading infrastruc ture technology vendors ensures that we retain leading edge innovative services to support your organization’s unique and complex IT challenges
  • Our infrastructure services are backed by expert professionals and specialists who form the backbone of our entire IT support infrastructure. This gives you the ease of being served with the best in industry resources
  • We have Flexible Engagement Models, so you can avail an OPEX based monthly billing instead of spending CAPEX on procurement of hardware
  • Our various network management platforms ensure remote monitoring and management, so your devices are resolved remotely and proactively without any hassle

Choosing Multinet business Solutions to manage your IT business operations will result in significant cost savings backed by agile support and superior customer services from a team of dedicated professionals

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